Do not (blindly) trust blogs

Do not (blindly) trust blogs

I don't have anything new to say. It's been said many times and I will repeat it one more time. Just to add a kind of "disclaimer" for this blog :)

I try hard to have high-quality posts and use best practices to the best of my knowledge.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As time goes by and I look back to my posts, I (sometimes) disagree with my past self. Anyone writing code could familiarize. I tend to hate the code that I've written in the past. I always think that it should have been done differently.

I don't think this is happening because I easily change opinions (I don't really). I think it's because I learn new things.

The same rule applies to blog posts. Although at the time of writing I thought something was a "best practice", it could not be anymore. Or even worst, I didn't know a better way, but there was one out there.

So don't trust blindly what I write here. Or in general, don't trust blindly what's in the blogosphere (or StackOverflow). Especially if you are writing something critical for your company's app/website/backend/frontend. Spend a few more minutes and verify that a couple more people are saying the same thing before copy-pasting into production :)

P.S. If you notice an issue with one of my posts, please get in touch!

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