"Addicted" to new beginnings

"Addicted" to new beginnings

I consider myself disciplined. I like to set goals and then follow a schedule to achieve those goals.

And for the most part, this approach works fine. What I struggle with are side projects.

I have always enjoyed building software side projects. From a young age, I loved building all kinds of software projects - mobile, web, desktop apps. I remember thinking that this was just a craze and would pass. But, fortunately, this was not the case and I continued building staff as time went by.

Although I have set a goal, a long time ago, to have an (even modestly) profitable side project I fail to focus on a single one.

I've noticed a consistent pattern that seems like I am unable to break. I start excited about the new project. The thing which I am excited about might not be the same. Sometimes I am excited about the potential of the idea, sometimes I am just excited about a new technology/framework/language that I will use in this new project. Either way, I start excited.

I generally don't abandon a project leaving it unfinished. I have heard multiple times that people have trouble finishing projects and they end up with a pile of half-finished projects. Not me. Most of the time I finish and release my projects. That's the most exciting part!

But then my excitement evaporates. Just like putting a hole in a balloon. I can't explain it, but as soon as I finish a project instead of looking at how to promote it or improve it, I just look for the next shiny thing to create.

I might discipline for a few days/weeks/months and stick to the project, "dragging" my feet to work on it, but I am just looking for what to start next.

And even though this is satisfying, it's not moving me to my target of having a successful profitable side project. It's probably more like being "addicted" to this excitement of new beginnings.

I can see the benefit of enjoying creating new things. The feeling is great and you get to learn new things and expand your knowledge and expertise. But in my case, I think this sets me back on achieving my goals. There are no "rehabilitation centers" for this kind of "addiction". I guess I will somehow have to draw satisfaction from improving and promoting an existing project.

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